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 Forum: Review Requests   Topic: CORAXO - Starlit Flame (EP)

 Post subject: CORAXO - Starlit Flame (EP)
Posted: 19. Jan 2014, 22:17 

Replies: 402
Views: 23205 Band was formed in September 2013. It started as a one man just for fun project to make some cheesy scifi metal, but quickly grew into something bigger. Now, the first EP of three in our scifi sag...

 Forum: Review Requests   Topic: SIGNUM REGIS - Exodus

 Post subject: SIGNUM REGIS - Exodus
Posted: 19. Jan 2014, 22:05 

Replies: 3
Views: 1480 Guest vocalists includes Göran Edman [ex. Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum], Matt Smith [Theocracy, Daisa Munhoz [Vandroya, Soulspell], Michael Vescera [Obsession, Animetal USA...

 Forum: Review Requests   Topic: OVERLAND - Epic

 Post subject: OVERLAND - Epic
Posted: 19. Jan 2014, 21:58 

Replies: 3
Views: 1540 Featuring Billy Greer (Kansas / Seventh Key), Fredrik Bergh, Billy Trudel, produced, arranged and mixed by Mike Slamer (Seventh Key)! Steve Overland is back! a legend in his own...

 Forum: Review Requests   Topic: KILLFACE - Feeding the Dead

 Post subject: KILLFACE - Feeding the Dead
Posted: 19. Jan 2014, 21:45 

Replies: 4
Views: 2007 Formed in Dublin in late 2008, Ireland and borne of a mutual appreciation for the more visceral side of things, they play death/thrash metal with a heavy undercurrent of groove and lyrics that explore the depths of hysteria,...

 Forum: Review Requests   Topic: NERGARD - Intermission (EP)

 Post subject: NERGARD - Intermission (EP)
Posted: 19. Jan 2014, 21:39 

Replies: 6
Views: 2567 NERGARD is the latest addition to the Norwegian Melodic Metal-scene. The band was formed as an allstar project in 2010 by 24 year old musician Andreas Nergård (Rudhira). Since the start Nergard has released an EP entitled "The Begin...

 Forum: Review Requests   Topic: SCEPTRE - Age of Calamity

 Post subject: SCEPTRE - Age of Calamity
Posted: 19. Jan 2014, 21:27 

Replies: 0
Views: 578 Thrash Metal band since the 90s from Mumbai. Sceptre has released its latest album called 'Age of Calamity'. Sceptre has been around since 15 years - it's truly been among the pioneers of extreme metal in the country. Moreover, it has rel...

 Forum: Review Requests   Topic: SANITY'S RAGE - You Are What You Swallow

Posted: 19. Jan 2014, 21:02 

Replies: 0
Views: 537 August 2006 marks the birth of the Rage of One, an album which introduced the metal undergroud to the name Sanity's Rage. The international Metal Community was immediately convinced of the strong potential of old-school thrash agression m...

 Forum: Review Requests   Topic: TENNESSEE MURDER CLUB - Human Harvest

Posted: 19. Jan 2014, 20:53 

Replies: 0
Views: 571 Born from the darkness that fuels our greatest fears, Tennessee Murder Club has risen to become one of the undergrounds greatest horror bands. In an era of porngore, splatter and bad lyric shock value driven extreme metal, the Te...

 Forum: Review Requests   Topic: LEVIATHAN - Beholden To Nothing, Braver Since Then

Posted: 19. Jan 2014, 20:50 

Replies: 0
Views: 531


Available for review. Ask per email

 Forum: Review Requests   Topic: NORTHERN PLAGUE - Manifesto

 Post subject: NORTHERN PLAGUE - Manifesto
Posted: 19. Jan 2014, 20:35 

Replies: 0
Views: 516


Available for review. Ask per email
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